Important Changes to Inside the Bell Jar and Our Funding Plans

Hi everyone,

Matt from Inside The Bell Jar here. We wanted to let you know about some important changes to our plans going forward, particularly if you submitted a piece to us.

Recently, we made our intention known to switch to print publication for Inside The Bell Jar. We intended to do this through two means: a Patreon campaign and arts council funding. As of writing this email, we have received a small amount of funds through Patreon. However, we have just learned that we were not granted arts council funding. 

Unfortunately, we knew this outcome was not outside the realms of possibility. With our Patreon campaign not currently generating enough funding, we were hoping arts council funding would fill the deficit and allow us to achieve our lofty dreams. Unfortunately, this means that we will need to scale back our operation and our goals for the time being.

Believe me, this hit us hard. We want nothing more than to be able to bring Inside The Bell Jar’s issues into the homes and hearts of readers and writers alike, and we’ve thought hard about how to move forward. Inside The Bell Jar is going nowhere – it’s simply not going exactly where we would like at this time.

For now, we hope to still produce an eBook issue bi-annually and will have some more news on that in the coming months. We will also be changing our Patreon to remove the print goals and focus solely on digital rewards.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you submitted something to us, we know you did so with the possibility of being featured in print, and with a certain payment for published pieces. Given that our funding will now come primarily from Patreon and our own pockets, we will sadly be unable to pay the original amount. We will now aim to pay £5 per published poem and £5 per published story, to a minimum of 5 poems and 5 short stories per issue. Please check our submissions page soon for detailed information regarding this.

Given these changes, if you would like to withdraw your submission, you are absolutely free to do so with no questions asked. We completely understand.

So, with all of that said, we are truly sorry that we’re required to change our plans for the journal. At this point in time, our ambitions simply exceeded the means available to us. We may look at our options again in the future, but for now we’re pretty excited about our new plans. We sincerely hope that you are too.

With love,

Matt, Autumn, Emma and Felicity

Inside The Bell Jar

Inside The Bell Jar

Inside The Bell Jar

Inside The Bell Jar is a literary journal dedicated to providing a raw and honest insight into the complexity of mental illness. We hope that you enjoy reading our stories and poems, and that you might consider submitting.
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