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Inside the Bell Jar - Autumn Subs

Inside The Bell Jar is a quarterly journal accepting poetry, short stories and flash fiction of absolutely any genre. The only real requirement we have is that your piece is related to mental illness in some way; through a character, the general theme, something about the setting – you decide. […]

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A Word from the Editor


Welcome to Issue One of Inside The Bell Jar. We are absolutely thrilled to present to you a talented group of six writers and poets, whose work cover a variety of topics, such as post-partum depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and bi-polar disorder.

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Dr. Jack’s Coney Island by Jennifer Porter


Dr. Jack’s Coney Island was our first choice for the first issue, and instantly set in stone what we wanted for the journal. Surreal and dream-like, or perhaps nightmarish, Jennifer Porter’s narrative is dominated by its heavy atmosphere, brimming like a storm on the horizon, and somewhat reminiscent of Murakami’s After Dark. An intelligent and thoughtful depiction of desperation and the intrusive thoughts that go with Postpartum Depression.

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Check by Emma Guinness


An extremely promising writer, Emma Guinness’ strength lies in her fantastic depiction of the repetition that comes with obsessive compulsive disorder, but there’s so much more to be found here. Delve deeper through Check’s layers, and you’ll find hints of domestic abuse, general anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Be sure to keep an eye out for the number 4.

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